Take a look at your traditional desktop website on an iPhone 5 or on a Galaxy Note or An iPad. Each of these devices has a different screen resolution, considering both portrait and landscape layouts.

Be it a mobile site or responsive design, each optimizes your site to be more appropriate for smaller screens but will offer simpler navigation and faster load times. If your business website is accustomed to responsive web design, then your website would respond to the particular device giving the user an optimized experience- regardless of the screen resolution.

index45Factors Determining Responsive Web Design As The Better Option

Highly Flexible: Responsive Web design eliminates the need for a separate mobile presence allowing the website owner to have a single site at a single URL with a single code base. Approaching Responsive Website Design Services would be a better option if you want to avoid any complicated redirects and simplifies the sharing of web addresses for easy maintenance.

SEO Friendly: On June 6th, 2012- Google has officially announced that responsive Web design is a recommended configuration. In other words, the leading search engine is telling you how to handle your mobile traffic and while helping Google’s algorithms assign indexing properties for it.

Conversion: In some cases, web application developers can convert your existing desktop website to a responsive one without affecting your company’s link equity as responsive design simply embeds new code only on the back-end of your website.

High Speed: If designed and developed correctly, a responsive website will load swiftly. Since Responsive Web Designers or Developers have account for both desktop computers and limited-memory devices, only a minimal builds with fewer interactive components is enough to take out of play.

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